Ryleigh's First day of Daycare!!

Okay...I knew the day would come that I had to get back to "Real Life" but I didnt think it would be so soon. The past 10 weeks have went by VERY fast. I was actually scheduled to be out until April 20th but needed to get back now to serve my client. So yes...the first day I cried. Not in the daycare but on my way to work. She is going to Woodland Christian Academy in Bentonville. And we love it there. She has two little boy friends and one girl friend in her room. She did great her first day and didnt cry at all! She took a few naps, played and giggled a TON! The ladies love her there. I go visit her at lunch to nurse and it makes it so much easier and the days are shorter. We are almost done with Week One and I am EXHAUSTED! I have a feeling life is going to be this crazy from now on!

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08