Sleeping Beauty

Throughout the whole pregnancy I always worried that I would be one of those new moms that had mismatched shoes, zombie eyes, no time for any fancy hygiene, hungry and NO sense of control. I have been surprisingly surprised! Ryleigh is such a good baby. She ONLY fusses when she cant get her milk fast enough or gets too cold after a bath. But by fusses I mean a cute little whimper followed by some squeaks. She sleeps at night for usually 5-7 hours. Sometimes she wakes up right at 5 hours and then eats and goes back to bed for another 3. It is a miracle. I never thought I would be so happy with 5 hours of sleep because pre-baby I loved my sleep. I am so thankful for how things are going and I hope to keep it this way. We are getting into a really good routine now. It was meant to be! I thank the lord everyday for such a blessing.

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08