Ready and Waiting Miss Ryleigh Kate...2 MORE days.

At our 39 week appointment last week Dr. Hinton once again provided us with an update that was not favored. We had not progressed AT ALL. Monday and Tuesday last week there was a significant decrease in movement from Ryleigh...mind you she is probably the most active baby ever so it was just a little concerning. They hooked us up to the monitors and she put on the biggest show with more punches and kicks in the 10 minutes than she had all week!

So we go back to Dr. Hinton on Wednesday this week (1/14/09) for our 40 week appointment and to discuss dates and options for inducing. HOPEFULLY we have made some progress in dilating. They will not induce unless we are because they don't want us sitting there forever...I agree. My hope is that we go ahead and schedule the date but that she comes before then.

I have learned that she makes the rules and will come when she wants. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her all over. This week will be VERY busy at work with a new client and meeting my new supervisor and I am expecting she may make an appearance because of this. Stay tuned for an update from our appointment on Wednesday!!

Love, A

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08