Hello My Blogger Friends...

I have had some issues with my blog lately and posts not working. I am revamping the site and getting a face lift.

Stay tuned for the cutest blog you've ever seen! Meanwhile here is a few pics of Smiley Ryleigh...

Blissful Mommy


Well Hello Blog...My name is Ryleigh's Mommy!

My oh my...Time has gone by SO fast. People tell you that before you become a parent but is it ever true 10x more! I have so much to tell you about in the past two months! Here is a sneak peak and I will begin to go into more detail over the next week...


This crazy world we live in...

We are crazy in love with Miss Ryleigh Kate and all her giggles and talking. She lights up our world every morning and we couldn't imagine a better start to our day. But watch out people because when those sounds become real words I have a feeling they will not stop. Here is a "mellow" video the other morning.

We are crazy busy with birthdays and showers and charity events and LIFE! This weekend we have Race for the Cure, NWA Boutique Sale, Ashley Linam's Baby Shower, Wendy Nauman's Birthday Party, and Dinner at Courtney & Joey's on Sunday. I also am making tutus, frames and gifts that are due to people this weekend! Sounds like tonight will be spent with a bottle of my fav Pinot and some tulle.

In the meantime trying to stay on top of working out, keeping the house clean, searching for downtime ( :) ), and WORK! Coming up in the next few weeks we have Tour De Fun, The Miller Twin's 1st Birthday Party, Hillary Tillman's Baby Shower, Mother's Day, and I'm sure something else will pop up too. Stay tuned for crazy pics from this crazy busy weekend we are about to experience!


First of many Baseball Games...

Here are a few pictures from our Friday night at the opening weekend of the Arkansas Naturals. Cold and Rainy but Fun!

A BEAUTIFUL rainbow!

Ryleigh Kate & Auntie Wendy
She slept in her arms forever!

Here is the Future husband for Miss Ryleigh. His name is Kaden...and he is SOO cute!

Ryleigh Kate with Aunt Sara & Uncle Matt...all bundled up

And the boys...


Ryleigh Kate is Three Months

WOW! She is growing so fast! At 12lbs and 5 oz, Ryleigh Kate is the happiest baby on the planet! Her nickname at the academy is Smiley Ryleigh. Here are some of her favorite things...

She LOVES her daddy! Every time he speaks she is all smiles and she tells him all her stories
She likes to watch TV....especially Baby Einstein
She still loves milk :)
She is sleeping usually from 9pm to 6 or 7am :) :)
She loves her bath time
She LOVES all her little friends at Woodland
She likes to watch Gracie and thinks she is SO funny

Her little personality is starting to come through and we are having so much fun with her. For the next month we are working on rolling over and tummy time. Once she gets it she will take off because she is already trying to crawl but just doesnt have the strength yet. :)

Happy Three Months Princess!!!


Ryleigh Kate found her "voice"...and its beautiful.

We are SLOWLY adjusting to "normal" life in the Watkins' house. It is by far the hardest adjustment I have had to make in my life. Bringing her home was a breeze compared to this chaos! I am completely exhausted. Poor Kyle...not much time for him.

At Woodland Academy they tell me that Ryleigh is far more advanced than any of the other babies her age. She never cries there (one time a few peeps) and they nicknamed her "Smiley". I picked her up yesterday and heard her first laugh! It melted my heart and I LOVE her voice. I cant wait to hear it ALL the time. She enjoys her daycare and sleeps soundly for 9 hours a night! I couldnt ask for a better baby. We are truly blessed...and in trouble when she is 14 becuase Im not sure this can last forever. :)

We are transitioning over to 3-6 month clothes in the next couple of weeks because she is growing like a weed! Not length-wise but those rolls keep on coming and I love them.

Stay tuned for more Easter pics on Monday!!


HoPpY First Easter Ryleigh Kate!

I LOVE EASTER. We have pictures at the clubhouse this Sunday with the Easter Bunny and next week at her PaPaw's work next Saturday(BeKaert). We won't start our tradion of Easter egg dyeing until next year and I can't wait!!

We received a little package with these gifts on Saturday from her Aunt Amy in Wisconsin. Thank you!! The little slippers and bib are adorable. There is a book in there as well as a bunny and a bath scrunchie that is a frog!

Her Auntie Tabby brought us this CUTE outfit to wear...

AND Here is her Easter Basket!!!! I put it in front of her and she was a little scared...okay she started to cry a bit. I think it will grow on her. I cant wait to fill it up!~

Here are some little presets for her little friends, Katie & Kenzie, Zac, and Adelynn Mae.

Stay tuned for pictures of Ryleigh!!!

Ryleigh's First day of Daycare!!

Okay...I knew the day would come that I had to get back to "Real Life" but I didnt think it would be so soon. The past 10 weeks have went by VERY fast. I was actually scheduled to be out until April 20th but needed to get back now to serve my client. So yes...the first day I cried. Not in the daycare but on my way to work. She is going to Woodland Christian Academy in Bentonville. And we love it there. She has two little boy friends and one girl friend in her room. She did great her first day and didnt cry at all! She took a few naps, played and giggled a TON! The ladies love her there. I go visit her at lunch to nurse and it makes it so much easier and the days are shorter. We are almost done with Week One and I am EXHAUSTED! I have a feeling life is going to be this crazy from now on!


Here are a couple of pictures from a baby gift I made for our friends Scott & Katrin Clubine. They are HUGE KU fans and I know their little Hannah Kate will be born as one too. We enjoyed their BBQ and can't wait to meet their new baby girl in a couple months!

This is a BIG hobby of mine and I would love to make some for you if you ever need a gift. I would charge $25 for the TuTu and $15 for the frame. Just let me know!


I'm a BIG girl now!!

Here I am in my BUMBO...


2 Month Checkup Stats with Dr. Foster: Heart Update

We had our first appointment with our new doctor on Tuesday, 3.17.09. WE LOVE HIM!! She was 11 pounds, 4 ounces and 22 1/4 inches long. Both fell in the 50th percentile!! Her head measured at 15 3/4 and fell in the 50-75th percentile. He could hear her heart murmur but feels that we are okay. The hole in her heart is 3 to 4 mm wide so it is not too big. If he still hears it at her 4 month checkup then we will visit with the cardiologist. HOPEFULLY it closes up and we are in the clear. Dr. Foster said she is a "PERFECT" baby girl and we've got a keeper.

Latest activities are...

Blowing milk bubbles
Standing on her legs (LOVES this)
Trying to find her thumb to suck on...too cute
Following Mommy & Daddy's every move (She could stare at us all day, and vice versa)
Playing Paci Wars
Smiling and Cooing all day
Enjoying Baby Einstein DVD and Playmat
Grabbing at objects in front of her

Happy 2 Month Birthday Ryleigh Kate!

Here are a few picture of her 2 month Birthday day!


Ryleigh Kate is 2 Months Old!

Wow. Time flies by! Ryleigh is 2 months on Monday. We spent today getting things for her "Birthday" outfit. It is going to be so cute. A little hint: St. Patty's Day. :) Pictures will be posted on Monday. We go to her 2 month checkup on Tuesday with her new Pediatrician, Dr. Foster. We have heard wonderful things about him. We did not care for her previous Pediatrician nor their clinic so we have decided to move. Hopefully we will learn more about her heart problems, sickle cell trait, belly aches and we think she has some ear drainage.

Other than that she is a healthy baby...growing more and more every day. I think she is about 14 lbs already. Her eyes are so blue and turning brighter as we speak. Her hair is lightening to more blonde and she smiles ALL the time. She makes so many noises and loves Baby Einstein mat. The only complaint mommy has is "Paci Wars". She doesnt realize that is her friend and how to keep it in her mouth. We go back and forth all the time. She started sleeping in her crib last night :( And I woke up (After 8 hours :) ) to find her sideways. She squirms so much. We got a new full body positioner today so maybe that will help. I miss hearing all her grunts and meeps at night but I slept like a BABY! I didnt even hear her at all. Which I suppose is good but kind of scary.

On the mommy front...WE ARE BACK! in the gym. Attended my first cardio blast class today...Holy cow. Lots of work to do.

Stay tuned for more updates on Monday and the cutest pics you have ever seen!


Gifts of Love...

Here are a few pictures of gifts that Ryleigh has received lately. Too cute!
(Please note...Her Mamaw, Nini & Auntie Tabby have bought her too many gifts to show :) She loves them too!!!)

This adorable burp cloth is from Dr.
Hinton. We love her!

This cute pale was gifted to Ryleigh from Mary Kate Beckham, Kyle's boss's wife. It had the most adorable summer dress in it.

And then...Her daddy came home with these! She is going to be SO cute!!


Spring is in the air...

Today was a beautiful day and...a sad day too. I packed up all of Ryleigh Kate's newborn clothes and newborn diapers that are too small. Makes me sad already. I don't want her to grow. She fits perfect on my chest and in my arms. We went for a walk and enjoyed the day. My tulips have bloomed!! Everything is growing!


Sleeping Beauty

Throughout the whole pregnancy I always worried that I would be one of those new moms that had mismatched shoes, zombie eyes, no time for any fancy hygiene, hungry and NO sense of control. I have been surprisingly surprised! Ryleigh is such a good baby. She ONLY fusses when she cant get her milk fast enough or gets too cold after a bath. But by fusses I mean a cute little whimper followed by some squeaks. She sleeps at night for usually 5-7 hours. Sometimes she wakes up right at 5 hours and then eats and goes back to bed for another 3. It is a miracle. I never thought I would be so happy with 5 hours of sleep because pre-baby I loved my sleep. I am so thankful for how things are going and I hope to keep it this way. We are getting into a really good routine now. It was meant to be! I thank the lord everyday for such a blessing.


Imagination Photography... by Cody Smith

Our friend Cody Smith took Ryleigh Kate's pictures at 2 weeks old. She did a GREAT job. She is still editing most of them but here are a few...

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08