Down to Three...Oh Ryleigh!

What an eventful week! We had our 36 week checkup on Wednesday with Dr. Seale and there was "not even a smidgen" of progress. Kyle was amused and kept repeating it all the way home. He is very lucky to have me...Any other hormonal pregnant lady would have killed him by the 3rd time. In fact, this whole pregnancy I have to say he has been pretty lucky. Week 37 he is still sleeping in the bed, hasn't had to witness one breakdown yet, has gotten away with rubbing my feet and legs 2x, has a self sufficient wife, gets to go out with his friends and gets picked up in the am hours by me...need I say more?

We see Dr. Bailey this week on Christmas Eve! Hopefully he will give us a great present by announcing SOME progress! I am not going to get my hopes up this time but it would be nice.

Christmas shopping is all done, Graduation @ JBU is over, Our recliner/rocker chair came in!, New dishwasher was delivered, Bedroom was rearranged, Bags loaded in the car with the car seat, and last few touches to the nursery have been made. AND i get a full body massage on Tuesday!

We are looking forward to spending time with our families this week...5 stops total! Starting Xmas eve with 2 followed by 3 the next day. (Maybe it will put me into labor :)) Speaking of. Had a dream last night that Dr. Gorman delivered her. She was chubby and pink and had lots of hair. She was beyond adorable. I am dying to see her.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! we look forward to updating you soon with PROGRESS!

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08