Welcome to the Blog World Cody Smith!!

To all who didn't know...One of my best friends, Cody Smith recently took our "Belly Laughs" pictures and did an AMAZING job. She has joined us all in the blog world and you can check out some of her other recent clients. She is very flexible with her schedule and is very reasonable. She will be taking pictures for us on "D Day" as well as Ryleigh at 2 weeks old. We are grateful to have her in our lives and can't tell you how happy we are with her work. She has immense talent and tons of love for what she does....Welcome Cody!!!

Imagination...Photography by Cody Smith


Less than 8 weeks to go... Oh my!

I can't believe it...7.5 weeks? Really? It is coming so fast! We have our 32 week check up appointment tomorrow with Dr. Cole. Everything is going really well. A LOT of swelling in the feet the past couple of days but overall a girl couldn't ask for a better pregnancy. It is hard to think that in 3 weeks we will need to have our bags ready to go and the carseat installed. WOW! Before, my biggest worry was the delivery...as we get closer it is becoming the idea of what we are going to do after they say "it is time to go home." Then what?

We are looking forward to the very busy weeks ahead...Family is in town for Thanksgiving next week, then Holiday Parties & Christmas Shopping, Graduation at JBU, 4 Family Christmas Events, New Year's and then....Baby Ryleigh.

Her Poppi Watkins came over last night and excitedly brought over a little pink baby beanie that has her name on it...TOO CUTE! She will wear it right when she arrives and will be the cutest baby in that nursery. He was so proud!

Ryleigh Kate's Nursery

I am ready when you are...
We are waiting for "THE CHAIR" and dresser to come in and a few pics to hang up and we are all set. It is exactly what I imagined it to be...perfect.


Oh Baby(ies)!!

Sunday I attended my best friend Kara's baby shower. She is due 2 weeks after me on 1.27.09. I look forward to sharing this new mommy experience with her and raising our little girls together. Kara is precious and I can't wait to meet Miss Adelynn Mae!


"Daddy Needs a Bottle Too" 11.8.08

Saturday Night was SO much fun! Our wonderful friends; The Nauman's, The Lassiter's, Derick Holmes and Kate Kressen hosted a baby shower for Kyle. The guys brought him a bottle of his favorite adult beverage and the ladies brought Ryleigh some gifts...including a life saving Rainforest Jumparoo! The cutest were the little HOG outfits that Uncle Kevin brought. She will be all set for football season 09. We just have to teach her the fight song. The theme of the shower was Razorback and everything was so cute! They did an amazing job. We are truly lucky to have such wonderful friends. It is a blessing to share this journey with them and we can't wait to introduce Ryleigh to all her awesome aunties and uncles!


10 weeks to go and counting...

I have the most amazing family and friends. Ryleigh's baby shower was perfect. The food, decorations, cake and gifts were far more than I ever imagined. It was beyond beautiful. I am so excited to be a mom...it actually feels real now. Not that the 24 hour kicks don't feel real..but now that her nursery is getting settled and we are in the home stretch...it really feels real.

We start the new Mommy & Daddy classes this week. I am not sure what to expect going into these but I am really excited to learn more because honestly I dont know anything. I hear you learn as you go and it will "come to you" but a few pointers would still be nice. :)

We are trying to take it easy this week because in our appointment on Friday the doctor was concerned with high blood pressure and swelling. I have to monitor it very closely so I dont get put on bed rest. I was told to STAY OF MY FEET. Easier said than done. But I promise to do my best and make sure we get in our 2 mile walks 5 to 6 times per week no matter what. We go back in 2 weeks if it is still high and 3 weeks if it has lowered. Other than that everything is looking great! We all feel she will be early but I guess you never know. They come when they want to. We can't wait to meet her.

Shower Ryleigh Kate with Love 11.2.08

My sisters, and wonderful friends Cody Smith and Ashley Miller hosted a baby shower for Ryleigh on Sunday 11.2.08. They did an amazing job! From the food to flowers to cake and music it was all perfect! Thank you all who came and everyone who generously brought Ryleigh a gift...She will love them all!

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08