Bubbles & Breathing...

Week 29 and 11 more to go..but who is counting?? We go to see Dr. Cole this Friday on Halloween for a follow up. Everything is going really well. I can definitely feel the weight and pressure now and find myself out of breath after unloading the dishwasher. :) Still swelling in my feet quite a bit but I am sure its because I cant sit down. The 2mile walks every night do help a lot with it. I have a bad case of "nesting" with a bit of OCD. Poor Kyle. So now he is freezing and cleaning all the time.

Ryleigh's Nursery is coming a long exactly as I dreamed it would be. I love to just go in there and sit. I just cant wait to get the rest of her furniture.

Last night I discovered this thing called taking a bath. Haven't soaked in a tub since before I was preggo. It was AMAZING! It takes all the pressure off and was so relaxing. I didn't want to get out. You can find me in that tub for the next two months. Between that and yoga...I am all set. I go to yoga 2 to 3 times per week. It is a life saver and I recommend it to all, pregnant or not but definitely if you are pregnant.

Busy weekend ahead...More nesting, Last HOGS Football Home Game, Wedding, Couple's Baby Shower for the Maddick's and my Baby Shower on Sunday! Wheeuuuw. Time flies by. No wonder I don't remember the past 29 weeks.


The best carved pumpkin ever...

Our traditional family pumpkin carving day was on Sunday. We all sit on the back porch at mom's and whip out some creative masterpiece. Only this year...everyone did the most simple stencils in the book. Last year there were some of us out there until dark trying to finish our pumpkins only for them to be destroyed that night by very chilly weather. I do believe I have the best pumpkin of the bunch. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice warm meal of porcupine meatballs. Yum!


I am so excited about our shower next weekend! Cody, Ashley, Courtney & Tabitha are doing a wonderful job and I am so thankful to have this love and support!!

Ryleigh Kate's Nursery...almost ready

We are now in Phase2 of Ryleigh's nursery. Slowly but surely we are getting everything put in its place and the decorations up. Here is a sneak peak...


I got a couple of photos back from our photographer and awesome friend...Cody Smith. She did an amazing job!! We love her! Here is a sneak preview of a few. There are many more to come...(500 were taken!)

Week 28...

We have officially dipped into the third trimester and have 12 weeks left! That is if Ms. Ryleigh will stay in there that long. Everything is going really really well and I cant complain a bit. I am sure Kyle will say otherwise but honestly I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy. I just hope this last home stretch plays out the same way. Our next doctor's appointment is on October 31...Halloween!! I will see Dr. Cole and just do a routine checkup. My glucose test came back positive and I don't have to do the Rh shot. We are good to go. Last visit I was at 26 lbs...We'll see how far I have come this time. There has been less and less walking going on as I grow bigger and bigger. I never thought I would say this but 2 miles is A LOT! I do love it though and can tell when I don't go.

We are working on Ryleigh's nursery and trying to get everything ready. MeMaw and Mom are getting ready to start on all the bedding and we have a few things to put up. The baby shower is in 1.5 weeks!! I can't wait.

Sleeping at night?? No. This belly seems to make things a bit uncomfortable. And baby Ryleigh flies around in there ALL day and night. Oh Lord...I hope she is not this active when she comes out. Kyle is SO lucky he is still in the bed. There is not much room in there for all 3 of us. Windows are open at night so that helps. Poor Kyle is freezing by the time morning comes and I am still walking around in a tank top burning up. :) It will be December...and we will still have the windows open, and 3 blankets on the bed. :)

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08