Baby I can't wait to meet you...

With two weeks to go until our due date we are getting more and more excited and more and more nervous. Last week Dr. Bailey said there was no progress...again. We see Dr. Hinton on New Year's Eve for our 38 week appointment. We are going to discuss our options for speeding things along. Cody is out of town from Thursday through Sunday so we have to wait (if we can) for anything to happen. She will be capturing our special day for us (including Kyle passing out :))I am still walking at least 2 miles per day and trying to get plenty of rest. We had a wonderful yet very busy 5 Christmases with our family and friends. Now that the holidays are over we are focusing on getting the house just perfect for her. Kyle has been very supportive and he is very ready as well as nervous too.

We had an ultrasound on Friday and Ryleigh was 6 lbs & 15oz!! Her head measured 39 weeks and her belly was right on track. Her legs however were at 35 weeks :) I guess she will be a little short. Stay tuned for more updates and soon some big news!!!


Down to Three...Oh Ryleigh!

What an eventful week! We had our 36 week checkup on Wednesday with Dr. Seale and there was "not even a smidgen" of progress. Kyle was amused and kept repeating it all the way home. He is very lucky to have me...Any other hormonal pregnant lady would have killed him by the 3rd time. In fact, this whole pregnancy I have to say he has been pretty lucky. Week 37 he is still sleeping in the bed, hasn't had to witness one breakdown yet, has gotten away with rubbing my feet and legs 2x, has a self sufficient wife, gets to go out with his friends and gets picked up in the am hours by me...need I say more?

We see Dr. Bailey this week on Christmas Eve! Hopefully he will give us a great present by announcing SOME progress! I am not going to get my hopes up this time but it would be nice.

Christmas shopping is all done, Graduation @ JBU is over, Our recliner/rocker chair came in!, New dishwasher was delivered, Bedroom was rearranged, Bags loaded in the car with the car seat, and last few touches to the nursery have been made. AND i get a full body massage on Tuesday!

We are looking forward to spending time with our families this week...5 stops total! Starting Xmas eve with 2 followed by 3 the next day. (Maybe it will put me into labor :)) Speaking of. Had a dream last night that Dr. Gorman delivered her. She was chubby and pink and had lots of hair. She was beyond adorable. I am dying to see her.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! we look forward to updating you soon with PROGRESS!


Only Four More... & almost out the door...

A pretty quiet weekend but a lot accomplished! Had a wonderful OVERDUE lunch with the gals from RHS at Crumpet Tea Room. Finished the CPR class with the family. (Yes, I made them take it. God forbid something were to happen but I feel much better knowing they know.) Then Sunday spent all day organizing the house and making more room for Miss Ryleigh then of to mom & dad's for tree decorating and a wonderful dinner.

This weekend I graduate from JBU on Saturday!! I literally have 2 inches of room in that big black gown. Hopefully my water doesnt break when we are there...like it did in my dream!

So the bags are packed, car seat is loaded, house is organized, baby clothes are washed and mom is about to POP! We have our 36 week checkup this Wednesday with Dr. Seale and I am SO looking forward to finding out if there is any progress. YAY!!!She is "dropped" and has assumed the position. Now we just wait and wait...


Down to FIVE...Waiting for Ryleigh to Arrive

I can't believe 35 weeks have passed, my how it goes by so fast!

Here we go! Weekly visits, Packing THE bag, loading the carseat and waiting...and waiting...

How to tell a pregnant lady is "READY..."
She shows up to work in a Old Navy sweat suit.
She is out of breath from walking to the water cooler.
You start seeing less and less of her around.
She rotates through the last remaining 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes that fit.
The cute waddle becomes more like a painful, slow and unsteady attempt at walking for fear that the baby may fall out any minute.
The glow on her face turns into puffy eyes and swollen cheeks.
The potty breaks become more frequent with less accomplished each time.

This week we have the breast feeding class, CPR classes,a friend in town from Texas and the annual tree decorating at Mom & Dads! Hopefully pretty uneventful.


Getting Ready for Baby Ryleigh...6 weeks to go

Happy Week 34!!!
After a wonderful week off work I feel more "ready" for Mommyhood...
Washing her blankets, bibs, some clothes, and towels...
Learning how to use the "milking machine"...
Organizing and REORGANIZING her nursery...
Starting to pack THE BAG...

And officially getting no sleep at night. God has a funny way of preparing new moms for the lack of sleep they are about to experience. However, I just wish it was in a more comfortable manner. The back pain is atrocious and I am not sure how WE will make it through the next 6 weeks! I know it will all be worth it very soon.

On Saturday last week we had an ultrasound and found out that Ryleigh is 4lbs & 12oz! Her head and belly measured bigger (a week ahead) and her legs were actually a week behind (who would have figured she would have short legs??) She was head down and ready to go!

We see Dr. Partridge this Wednesday for our 34 week checkup and will hopefully finish all of our Christmas shopping this week too. Never know when she will come!


Welcome to the Blog World Cody Smith!!

To all who didn't know...One of my best friends, Cody Smith recently took our "Belly Laughs" pictures and did an AMAZING job. She has joined us all in the blog world and you can check out some of her other recent clients. She is very flexible with her schedule and is very reasonable. She will be taking pictures for us on "D Day" as well as Ryleigh at 2 weeks old. We are grateful to have her in our lives and can't tell you how happy we are with her work. She has immense talent and tons of love for what she does....Welcome Cody!!!

Imagination...Photography by Cody Smith


Less than 8 weeks to go... Oh my!

I can't believe it...7.5 weeks? Really? It is coming so fast! We have our 32 week check up appointment tomorrow with Dr. Cole. Everything is going really well. A LOT of swelling in the feet the past couple of days but overall a girl couldn't ask for a better pregnancy. It is hard to think that in 3 weeks we will need to have our bags ready to go and the carseat installed. WOW! Before, my biggest worry was the delivery...as we get closer it is becoming the idea of what we are going to do after they say "it is time to go home." Then what?

We are looking forward to the very busy weeks ahead...Family is in town for Thanksgiving next week, then Holiday Parties & Christmas Shopping, Graduation at JBU, 4 Family Christmas Events, New Year's and then....Baby Ryleigh.

Her Poppi Watkins came over last night and excitedly brought over a little pink baby beanie that has her name on it...TOO CUTE! She will wear it right when she arrives and will be the cutest baby in that nursery. He was so proud!

Ryleigh Kate's Nursery

I am ready when you are...
We are waiting for "THE CHAIR" and dresser to come in and a few pics to hang up and we are all set. It is exactly what I imagined it to be...perfect.


Oh Baby(ies)!!

Sunday I attended my best friend Kara's baby shower. She is due 2 weeks after me on 1.27.09. I look forward to sharing this new mommy experience with her and raising our little girls together. Kara is precious and I can't wait to meet Miss Adelynn Mae!


"Daddy Needs a Bottle Too" 11.8.08

Saturday Night was SO much fun! Our wonderful friends; The Nauman's, The Lassiter's, Derick Holmes and Kate Kressen hosted a baby shower for Kyle. The guys brought him a bottle of his favorite adult beverage and the ladies brought Ryleigh some gifts...including a life saving Rainforest Jumparoo! The cutest were the little HOG outfits that Uncle Kevin brought. She will be all set for football season 09. We just have to teach her the fight song. The theme of the shower was Razorback and everything was so cute! They did an amazing job. We are truly lucky to have such wonderful friends. It is a blessing to share this journey with them and we can't wait to introduce Ryleigh to all her awesome aunties and uncles!


10 weeks to go and counting...

I have the most amazing family and friends. Ryleigh's baby shower was perfect. The food, decorations, cake and gifts were far more than I ever imagined. It was beyond beautiful. I am so excited to be a mom...it actually feels real now. Not that the 24 hour kicks don't feel real..but now that her nursery is getting settled and we are in the home stretch...it really feels real.

We start the new Mommy & Daddy classes this week. I am not sure what to expect going into these but I am really excited to learn more because honestly I dont know anything. I hear you learn as you go and it will "come to you" but a few pointers would still be nice. :)

We are trying to take it easy this week because in our appointment on Friday the doctor was concerned with high blood pressure and swelling. I have to monitor it very closely so I dont get put on bed rest. I was told to STAY OF MY FEET. Easier said than done. But I promise to do my best and make sure we get in our 2 mile walks 5 to 6 times per week no matter what. We go back in 2 weeks if it is still high and 3 weeks if it has lowered. Other than that everything is looking great! We all feel she will be early but I guess you never know. They come when they want to. We can't wait to meet her.

Shower Ryleigh Kate with Love 11.2.08

My sisters, and wonderful friends Cody Smith and Ashley Miller hosted a baby shower for Ryleigh on Sunday 11.2.08. They did an amazing job! From the food to flowers to cake and music it was all perfect! Thank you all who came and everyone who generously brought Ryleigh a gift...She will love them all!


Bubbles & Breathing...

Week 29 and 11 more to go..but who is counting?? We go to see Dr. Cole this Friday on Halloween for a follow up. Everything is going really well. I can definitely feel the weight and pressure now and find myself out of breath after unloading the dishwasher. :) Still swelling in my feet quite a bit but I am sure its because I cant sit down. The 2mile walks every night do help a lot with it. I have a bad case of "nesting" with a bit of OCD. Poor Kyle. So now he is freezing and cleaning all the time.

Ryleigh's Nursery is coming a long exactly as I dreamed it would be. I love to just go in there and sit. I just cant wait to get the rest of her furniture.

Last night I discovered this thing called taking a bath. Haven't soaked in a tub since before I was preggo. It was AMAZING! It takes all the pressure off and was so relaxing. I didn't want to get out. You can find me in that tub for the next two months. Between that and yoga...I am all set. I go to yoga 2 to 3 times per week. It is a life saver and I recommend it to all, pregnant or not but definitely if you are pregnant.

Busy weekend ahead...More nesting, Last HOGS Football Home Game, Wedding, Couple's Baby Shower for the Maddick's and my Baby Shower on Sunday! Wheeuuuw. Time flies by. No wonder I don't remember the past 29 weeks.


The best carved pumpkin ever...

Our traditional family pumpkin carving day was on Sunday. We all sit on the back porch at mom's and whip out some creative masterpiece. Only this year...everyone did the most simple stencils in the book. Last year there were some of us out there until dark trying to finish our pumpkins only for them to be destroyed that night by very chilly weather. I do believe I have the best pumpkin of the bunch. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice warm meal of porcupine meatballs. Yum!


I am so excited about our shower next weekend! Cody, Ashley, Courtney & Tabitha are doing a wonderful job and I am so thankful to have this love and support!!

Ryleigh Kate's Nursery...almost ready

We are now in Phase2 of Ryleigh's nursery. Slowly but surely we are getting everything put in its place and the decorations up. Here is a sneak peak...


I got a couple of photos back from our photographer and awesome friend...Cody Smith. She did an amazing job!! We love her! Here is a sneak preview of a few. There are many more to come...(500 were taken!)

Week 28...

We have officially dipped into the third trimester and have 12 weeks left! That is if Ms. Ryleigh will stay in there that long. Everything is going really really well and I cant complain a bit. I am sure Kyle will say otherwise but honestly I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy. I just hope this last home stretch plays out the same way. Our next doctor's appointment is on October 31...Halloween!! I will see Dr. Cole and just do a routine checkup. My glucose test came back positive and I don't have to do the Rh shot. We are good to go. Last visit I was at 26 lbs...We'll see how far I have come this time. There has been less and less walking going on as I grow bigger and bigger. I never thought I would say this but 2 miles is A LOT! I do love it though and can tell when I don't go.

We are working on Ryleigh's nursery and trying to get everything ready. MeMaw and Mom are getting ready to start on all the bedding and we have a few things to put up. The baby shower is in 1.5 weeks!! I can't wait.

Sleeping at night?? No. This belly seems to make things a bit uncomfortable. And baby Ryleigh flies around in there ALL day and night. Oh Lord...I hope she is not this active when she comes out. Kyle is SO lucky he is still in the bed. There is not much room in there for all 3 of us. Windows are open at night so that helps. Poor Kyle is freezing by the time morning comes and I am still walking around in a tank top burning up. :) It will be December...and we will still have the windows open, and 3 blankets on the bed. :)

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08