Hello My Blogger Friends...

I have had some issues with my blog lately and posts not working. I am revamping the site and getting a face lift.

Stay tuned for the cutest blog you've ever seen! Meanwhile here is a few pics of Smiley Ryleigh...

Blissful Mommy


Well Hello Blog...My name is Ryleigh's Mommy!

My oh my...Time has gone by SO fast. People tell you that before you become a parent but is it ever true 10x more! I have so much to tell you about in the past two months! Here is a sneak peak and I will begin to go into more detail over the next week...


This crazy world we live in...

We are crazy in love with Miss Ryleigh Kate and all her giggles and talking. She lights up our world every morning and we couldn't imagine a better start to our day. But watch out people because when those sounds become real words I have a feeling they will not stop. Here is a "mellow" video the other morning.

We are crazy busy with birthdays and showers and charity events and LIFE! This weekend we have Race for the Cure, NWA Boutique Sale, Ashley Linam's Baby Shower, Wendy Nauman's Birthday Party, and Dinner at Courtney & Joey's on Sunday. I also am making tutus, frames and gifts that are due to people this weekend! Sounds like tonight will be spent with a bottle of my fav Pinot and some tulle.

In the meantime trying to stay on top of working out, keeping the house clean, searching for downtime ( :) ), and WORK! Coming up in the next few weeks we have Tour De Fun, The Miller Twin's 1st Birthday Party, Hillary Tillman's Baby Shower, Mother's Day, and I'm sure something else will pop up too. Stay tuned for crazy pics from this crazy busy weekend we are about to experience!


First of many Baseball Games...

Here are a few pictures from our Friday night at the opening weekend of the Arkansas Naturals. Cold and Rainy but Fun!

A BEAUTIFUL rainbow!

Ryleigh Kate & Auntie Wendy
She slept in her arms forever!

Here is the Future husband for Miss Ryleigh. His name is Kaden...and he is SOO cute!

Ryleigh Kate with Aunt Sara & Uncle Matt...all bundled up

And the boys...


Ryleigh Kate is Three Months

WOW! She is growing so fast! At 12lbs and 5 oz, Ryleigh Kate is the happiest baby on the planet! Her nickname at the academy is Smiley Ryleigh. Here are some of her favorite things...

She LOVES her daddy! Every time he speaks she is all smiles and she tells him all her stories
She likes to watch TV....especially Baby Einstein
She still loves milk :)
She is sleeping usually from 9pm to 6 or 7am :) :)
She loves her bath time
She LOVES all her little friends at Woodland
She likes to watch Gracie and thinks she is SO funny

Her little personality is starting to come through and we are having so much fun with her. For the next month we are working on rolling over and tummy time. Once she gets it she will take off because she is already trying to crawl but just doesnt have the strength yet. :)

Happy Three Months Princess!!!

Ryleigh Kate Watkins 1.16.09 8lbs. 9oz. & 20 inches of pure joy!

Belly Laughs 10.22.08